GoPro & GoTec

If you are looking for a personalized GoPro & GoTec experience on a very relaxed location, Cayuco Reef Divers is the place for you!

From Divemaster Internships to Instructor Training, Resort Management, all levels of Specialty Instructor Training and also Technical Diving.


Accommodation and Training packages

Cayuco Reef Divers is located at Paradise Beach Hotel.

We offer special Professional and Technical Training packages including accommodation and meals options onsite.

Vasco teaching a Divemaster program

GoPro: Divemaster Internships, Instructor Training and Resort Management Training

Finding a dedicated facility and a Dive Mentor for becoming a Diving Industry Professional is the first step to build your future professional career ...

Contact us for detailed information.

Louise & Vasco decompressing after a Tec lionfish derby hunt

GoTec: Tec40 to Tec Trimix & All TecRec Instructor Levels

If you are looking for a new diving challenge, looking to explore deep shipwrecks or caves; or spot deep sea creatures, you should consider to GoTec!

We offer the full range of open circuit Technical Diving from PADI TecRec and Technical Diving International (TDI).

Join one of our unique Stay & Tec diving packages from 1 to 4 weeks.

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