It all started in 2001 ...

Paradise Hotels & Resorts started operating in Roatan in 2001.

After several years providing a high quality service in the Hotel industry, and working with independent Diving companies, it was decided that it was time to expand the business to the diving niche and to create a signature project to integrate in harmony all the departments of Paradise Hotels group.

In October 2018 Cayuco Reef Divers started his operation creating a perfect fusion between the ocean and the Island. Cayuco is a local type of indigenous canoe and is also the name of our famous Beach Bar & Restaurant Cayuco Bar & Restaurant where Snorkelers, Freedivers and Scuba Divers will feel like home!

If you are looking for your cosy and relaxed Caribbean Diving holidays Cayuco Reef Divers is the ideal location for your Diving explorations.

Everything in one place: Dive, Eat, Sleep & Repeat!