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We only hire active dive professionals.
If you are applying for a diving position is required that you have more than 100 dives.
For a diving position is required that each Divemaster or Instructor owns his/her full set of diving gear. Except tanks. Each dive pro is required to own the following items (to use on every Cayuco Reef Divers activity): - Regulator + BCD (serviced every 12 months) - Dive Computer + Compass - SMB + spool with min. 100ft/30m - 2 cutting devices (knife/z-knife/scissors/easy-cut) - 2 flashlights (primary + backup) - DiveAlert or whistle - Thermal protection (no cuts or abrasion) - Mask + snorkel + backup mask - Fins (open or closed eel) - Weights + weight belt or/& weight pockets
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We would like to know about your sales capacities and techniques to act as a sales person in our dive shop.
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Smoking is forbidden inside Paradise Hotels property for all Paradise Hotels employees.