2-Tank Wreck Diving Special


2-Tank Wreck Diving Special

There are several ship wrecks in Roatan. We offer you the possibility to dive in 2 of the most famous wrecks: "El Aguilla” and “The Odyssey”.

Pre-requisites: Advanced (and Nitrox recommended)


  • dive-1 @ The Odyssey (max. depth 115ft / 35mtrs; avg. depth 90ft / 27mtrs)

  • 1 hour surface interval (there is the possibility to watch dolphins from the boat)

  • dive-2 @ El Aguilla (max. depth 110ft / 33mtrs; avg. depth 90ft / 27mtrs)


$120 including 2 tanks with Air / $136 including 2 tanks with Nitrox32